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We're proud to have worked with so many terrific authors. We've been publishing books since 2014. Here's what a few of them have to say about their experiences:

Repair by Jennifer Spokas

"You and your company got a serious plug from me today at the monthly Writer's Group meeting this afternoon. The book you designed was a big hit. Our 'ringleader' as I call her brought her self-published book along, too (we traded). She held up Cloud Fisher and said, 'This is how it's supposed to look.'

"Thank you for everything. You have been so pleasant to work with I’m frantically looking around for something else to print!"

– John Brinkerhoff, author of The Cloud Fisher

"Proving Press is a fantastic group of people and were so professional all the way—thanks so much for helping bring my dream to life!"

– Jennifer Spokas, author of Repair

"Emily Hitchcock of Columbus Publishing Lab, along with her staff, were able to move this book to a much higher, more presentable level by gently nudging and suggesting without being adamant or dogmatic. She really knows what she is doing."

– Glee Duff, author of The Lethal Defector

"I really appreciate the stellar customer service you've shown us—you really don't get it as much these days!"

– Marsadie and Doug Fernbacher, authors of Colorblind

"Writing is not easy by any means. It takes a lot of work and reworking. The thought of going to a big publisher and having them shut you down is very discouraging. Working with Proving Press allowed me room to grow during the writing process. Thank you!"

– R.K. Blessing, author of Clare R.

Columbus Ohio Coloring and Activity Book by Katie Barron

"I still get really excited when I see my book in bookstores! I always take photos on my phone and text my mom or boyfriend; they've got to be getting sick of it by now but I can't help it! My favorite part though are these amazing emails and Facebook messages I've been getting from people who bought the book. They take the time to write these incredibly sweet messages about how they, their kids, their relatives or their friends enjoy my book. Sometimes people even send photos of them holding the book!"

– Katie Barron, The Columbus Ohio Coloring and Activity Book

"The hardcover books just arrived, and they are BEAUTIFUL! You guys did a great job!"

– Trudi Martin, co-creator of Welcome to Doxieville

"Writing is hard work (at least for me it is). Proving Press has made this process easier for me than I ever thought it would be."

– Willie H. Alls, Jr., author of Making it to the Top in Gospel Music

"We sincerely thank you for your warrior follow-through... You are a gem and hero to us! I cannot believe how many words I missed and random other things, but only a fool is his own editor. Thank you again for your quick turnaround and a fantastic job!"

– Margie Hiermer, author of Chinese Lanterns

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