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The Self-Publishing Handbook by Brad Pauquette

Our publishing method is based on the 5-step production process developed by Brad Pauquette, our founder, based on his years of experience in the publishing industry. This process is outlined in detail in his book The Self-Publishing Handbook. We would love to send you a free digital copy of this book. We're confident it will be a helpful resource for you on your publishing journey.

"The Self Publishing Handbook also walks authors through the business side of publishing their book. He stresses there comes a time when authors must divorce themselves from their romantic attachment to their work and put on a businessperson’s hat. Failure to follow that advice ends up with broken dreams and unmet expectations that were simply unrealistic."

The Dane, Amazon Reviewer

"The insurmountable incomprehensible world of self-publishing made understandable to anyone. I'm so glad I read this before venturing forth with my book!"

Jeff Cannell, Amazon Reviewer

"Brad Pauquette has made my job a lot easier. As a newspaper editor and author of a couple of books myself, I have no shortage of people asking me how to get their book published. Now I can tell them: 'Buy yourself a copy of Brad Pauquette's book, The Self Publishing Handbook and follow his advice because he will tell you everything you need to know.' His book is, hands-down, the best organized, most straightforward and easily-grasped resource I have encountered."

Booty2Shooz, Amazon Reviewer

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