When He Turns the Page by Tamar Bradberry

July 6, 2016

When He Turns the Page, and inspirational memoir by Tamar Bradberry, is now available in print and digital editions from fine book retailers around the world!

Everyone has different chapters in their lives, obstacles, some big and some small, some hard, some easy, some short and some lonnnnng! Praise be to God!

Sometimes when we are in the moment of our life we are without understanding and answers.

What do we do in these moments of Life? Not every phase in life has an answer, but while in the phase you can make the choice to change your perspective on the circumstances.

Well, in this short book, Tamar writes about her journey and how she experienced insecurity, trying to fit in, fear, trials, love vs. lust and more.

She explains that it took being and getting in relationship with God before she began to get to know who she truly was, and understood that the grooming process is lifelong.

This book is designed to help individuals build faith, gain wisdom and build a relationship with Christ so that God can order your steps. Tamar explains that getting in relationship with God has been the best thing she has ever done. This book also includes poems of those experiences she has encountered throughout life.

Look for it from these retailers, or ask/search for it from your favorite bookshop!

This true story will be a welcome addition to your reading library.

Early readers loveĀ When He Turns the Page! Here’s what some of them have to say:

Tamar is truly a messenger of God…

-Amazon Reviewer

This book is awesome! Great transparency! I had the opportunity of reading this before the release.

-Amazon Reviewer

We really enjoyed working with Tamar to produce this amazing book!

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