My Little Book of Hope by Judy MacNamee

July 7, 2016

My Little Book of Hope: Stories and Inspiration by ADHD Teens for ADHD Teens, by Judy MacNamee, is now available in print and digital editions from fine book retailers around the world!

Within this book you will find six diverse and unique teens sharing their hearts with you about how they felt different, but more importantly, how they have come to embrace these differences. These are REAL kids, with REAL struggles just like you. They’ve been able to see past the labels, environments, the structure of society and the archaic framework of our educational system. These stories, combined with the valuable insight of ADHD coach and educator Judy MacNamee, will guide, inspire and empower students everywhere to reach new levels of success.

Look for it from these retailers, or ask/search for it from your favorite bookshop!

This encouraging, inspiring book will be a welcome edition to you and your teen’s library.

We really enjoyed working with Judy to produce this great book.

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