Who Could Have Imagined! by Michele Moore

February 16, 2018

Who Could Have Imagined!: My Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Experience, an inspiring book by Michele Moore, is now available in print and digital editions from fine book retailers around the world!

Michele Moore wanted a unique relationship with God. She found a church family and a pastor to lead her down a spiritual path, but longed for a deeper relationship with the Father. Even as God worked alongside her through her life, a lack of focus kept Him hidden from her sight. She prayed that His presence would be revealed.

Be careful what you ask of God, because He might give you exactly what you desire.

Michele never could have imagined that the close relationship with God she’d prayed so hard for would come through Stevens-Johnson Syndrome—a condition that took her to the brink of death and through a difficult recovery.

In this book Michele shares her pain and suffering as she travels through this illness and arrives victorious with God on the other side. Through telling her own experiences she hopes others will learn to be still and listen when God speaks, to hold fast to their faith when life seems impossible, and to celebrate the miraculous ways He works to fulfil His promises.

Will you trust God?

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This touching book will be a welcome addition to your reading library.

Early readers love Who Could Have Imagined! Here’s what one of them has to say:

Although I’ve never heard of SJS, I not only received a true educational understanding on the syndrome but more importantly the true power of God’s love and healing power. The key (which I received, praise God) is to be steadfast on your faith and prayers, and trust in the Lord. This book has truly blessed me and will undoubtedly bless others as well…

-Amazon Reviewer

We had a great time working with Michele to produce this amazing book.

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