Something from Nothing by Damian Synadinos

June 22, 2018

Hank and Stella in Something From Nothing, a fun children’s book by Damian Synadinos, is now available in print editions from fine book retailers around the world!

Hank and Stella in Something From Nothing is an engaging story that helps children laugh while they learn and improve through improv.

Theatrical improv(isation) is, essentially, making something from nothing. Players create and perform shows simultaneously and in the moment, without a script, props, or costumes. And, the fundamental principles and skills of improv are as useful on stage as they are at play and in life!

The story takes place on a boring, grey, and rainy day as Stella the bunny and Hank the dog learn about improv and discuss focusing on the present, getting and exploring ideas, reacting to accidents and mistakes, the importance of practice, and the benefits of diversity. The story ends with Hank and Stella inviting the reader to join them in an improv show, and even includes a few silly, simple games to help get kids started making improv shows of their own!

The book can help children develop their imaginations, play cooperatively, increase their confidence, and even conquer boring, grey, rainy days!

Look for it from these retailers, or ask/search for it from your favorite bookshop!

This entertaining book will be a welcome addition to your young reader’s library.

Early readers love Something from Nothing! Here’s what some of them have to say:

Cute book. A fun story but also gives instructions on how to do improv which was a nice change from other children’s books. We even had to stop in the middle and try out our own improv.

-Amazon Reviewer

I love this book! I got a copy for my girlfriend’s son and he loves it as well. It is a funny book with great pictures. This is a must-read. Perfect for children and fun to read. I hope there are more Hank and Stella books in the future.

-Amazon Reviewer

…It’s a must purchase if you have young children. My suggestion…is that an adult should initially tutor the child/children according to the need to do so. Some children could surprise you how able they are to grasp the improvisation concept. This author possesses a lot of empirical knowledge about improvisation.

-Amazon Reviewer

We had a great time working with Damian to produce this amazing book.

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