Bode Gets a Job — Now Available Worldwide!

April 23, 2019

Bode Gets a Job by Dr. Bobby Moore is now available as an e-book, paperback, and hardback. This is the second title in the Bode series, and it has all the magic and charm of Dr. Bobby’s first book, The Book of Bode. Get ready to fall in love with this hardworking companion all over again!

Find Dr. Bobby’s first book, The Book of Bode, on Amazon here. 

The Book of Bode was so well received that Dr. Bobby returned to us to publish the second book in the Bode series.  We are sure this one will bring just as many smiles while teaching children how much our furry companions enrich our lives.

Bode is the luckiest dog in the world.

He tries out many different jobs, including work as a rescue dog, a show dog, a guide dog, and more! Bode is brave, athletic and smart. Follow Bode’s adventures and see all of his jobs in this fun, colorful book written to get children excited about reading, and of course, dogs.

“Terrific toddler book or first reader. Perfectly describes my favorite dog breed – The Vizsla. A percentage of the sales of this book go to The Multiple Myeloma Foundation. A worthy cause.”

Amazon reviewer

Look for Bode Gets a Job from these retailers, or ask for it at your favorite bookshop!

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