Cover Reveal — Scenes from the Cerebellum by Stark Hunter

August 9, 2019

Scenes from the Cerebellum is the latest poetry collection from Stark Hunter. This collection tackles nothing less than the great existential crisis—death.

Scenes from the Cerebellum is the  9th literary work to be released through Mind Tavern. It is easy to say that it is extremely difficult to describe exactly what this book is, was or will be. Maybe the best way to explain these pages is: It’s a “ghost book,” a book about death, the Ultimate Reality in life. The Big Jump. The one event in life we are all waiting for. Included therein is a veritable phalanx of mental and photographic images abounding and manifesting on the pages like hundreds of ectoplasmic filaments, squirming out of my mind in the form of poetic excursions for the curious reader to absorb. As with many poetic works, this one screams the same: This is personal!

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