Connections in the Open Field — Worldwide Release

November 4, 2019
We’re excited to announce the worldwide release of Connections in the Open Field by Ruth-Ann Thompson. Find a copy at any major retailer as a paperback or e-book, and you can ask for it at your favorite bookstore! Just like every child, Cecil LaCede has fears about his first day of school, but he’ll soon find comfort in meeting a vari­ety of new friends: acorns, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and even beans, all first-time students too. Ruth-Ann J. Thompson shows children how easy it is to make connections in the open field.
 “Ruth-Ann Thompson has done an excellent job with Connections in the Open Field in addressing the diverse needs of children. She has done it in such a way that the children will learn to value differences while enjoying the text.”

           —Willette Johnson, elementary school teacher

Ruth-Ann J. Thompson is a motivational speaker and writ­er of articles relating to children, autism, and teens. Ruth­-Ann now brings us Connections in the Open Field, the first book in The Open Fielders, a series that will touch the heart of a child and encourage the hearts of parents. Grab your copy of the book today, and don’t forget to support independent literature by leaving a review on Goodreads when you’re finished.
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