Tales from the 4th Grade: 75 Short Stories

November 27, 2020
Congratulations to Megan Fluhart and Doug Fluhart on the release of your new book: Tales from the 4th Grade: 75 Short Stories!

This book lets you step into the imagination of a fourth-grader…

The stories within this book were written and illustrated by Megan Fluhart when she was in fourth grade. Then 17 years later, her dad, Doug Fluhart, edited and compiled them into this book.

The resulting collection of short stories and illustrations is a fantastical window into the mind of a kid. Often hilarious, always wildly imaginative, this book will delight kids of all ages (and parents too!) with the creativity of one fourth-grader’s storytelling.

Find your copy of Tales from the 4th Grade on Amazon for just $14.99 and leave a review!

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