Christmas in Doxieville

December 9, 2020

Get in the holiday spirit with Darrin Todd Martin’s latest book, Christmas in Doxieville! Available at retailers worldwide. 

Deuce and Diesel are sent to search for a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. They come across a wolf named Whitetail freezing in the woods and close to giving birth. Deuce and Diesel decide to help her find shelter. As they journey to safety, they become lost in a snowstorm.

Just when it seems that all hope is lost, Angel Puppy appears, sent by the spirit of Christmas. Will Deuce and Diesel find warmth and shelter for White Tail? What will White Tail name her babies on Christmas day?

Your children will never forget spending Christmas in Doxieville. They will be inspired by two cultures coming together in peaceful friendship and learning the true meaning of Christmas. This is an adventure that will become a Christmas tradition in your home year after year!

Find your copy of Christmas in Doxieville by Darrin Todd Martin at a major retailer, or pick it up at your favorite bookstore today!

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