Grief: Surviving the Storm After Someone You Love Has Died

December 9, 2020

Like a lighthouse illuminating a path through dark and stormy waters, this book was written to spark hope in the midst of despair.

When Mike Thomson’s wife died, he didn’t know how he’d ever go on without her. No matter where he was—at work, getting through the holidays, or trying to be present with friends and family—his mind was lost in desperation and loneliness.

Grief is one man’s struggle to accept the death of his wife. Through familiar experiences, the author lends insight with the intention of helping those who are grieving a loss. Let this book be a lighthouse in your life, guiding you through the storms of fear, pain, regret, self-blame, and loneliness. From a small flicker in the darkness grows a bright beacon of hope.

Anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one will find the author’s story to be inspiring. This book will fill their hearts with hope and help them find a normal, happy life again.

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