Milk & Cookies: Second Helpings

December 9, 2020

Maggie Mueller’s latest book, Milk and Cookies: Second Helpings, is available for purchase at retailers worldwide! 

Everybody loves second helpings, especially of something sweet that makes you feel good! In Milk and Cookies… Second Helpings, you will find more delightful stories of living life from spring to winter. Throughout the seasons, more challenges and prayers enter into the raising of children and grandchildren, along with the hopes and prayers of parents and grandparents.

Within these pages are thought-provoking ideas and humorous looks at the antics of little ones as they grow and learn. Each story tugs at your heart and helps you soar on the laughter of children.

Grab your copy of Milk and Cookies: Second Helpings at a major retailer or find it at your favorite bookstore! Don’t forget to leave a review.

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