Monster Trees: The Obscure Poems of Harry Pim

December 9, 2020

Monster Trees by Stark Hunter is now available for purchase at retailers worldwide! 

Poet, and now editor, Stark Hunter returns with his tenth poetic enterprise, Monster Trees; this time showcasing the obscure poetry of unknown poetauteur, Harry Pim.

Born in 1913 in Wigan, England, Harry Pim spent decades riding the Canadian rails as a fireman. On the side, however, this indefatigable, and still living artist, has produced a trove of obscure but fascinating poetry. At age 107 and still counting, Pim has, it seems, broken all records for longevity and madness.

His secret? According to Pim, a terrible diet of greasy fast-foods, a daily imbibing of his home-made, black syrupy beer (even thicker than Turkish coffee), and his ever-smoking briar pipe filled with sativa bud, are the reasons he has not yet said hello to, as T. S. Eliot once described him, ‘the Eternal Footman.’

Grab your copy of Monster Trees: The Obscure Poems of Harry Pim at a major retailer or find it at your favorite bookstore! Don’t forget to leave a review.

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