Word Up!

December 9, 2020

WORD UP! IS VOLUME I OF IV featuring 25 spectacular rhyming stories for children that promote and support reading proficiency, language, and literacy development. These skills prepare children ages 0–9 for 3rd grade reading readiness. Did you know that the American prison industry can predict future inmates based on a child’s 3rd grade reading level?

The Mark-Alan 100-WORD book series is backed by evidence-based research and includes child-friendly definitions in English and Spanish.

Word Up! includes rhyming stories that will enrapture the imaginations of children everywhere, including but not limited to:

• “The Invisible Crown”
• “Bamboozled the Clown Completes Saving the Town”
• “Mama Gonna Protect Her Sweet Potato Pie”
• “The Butterfly Event”
• “The Curious Cat that did not Act”
• “Buggs Observes the Busy in Buzz”
• “They’re Ignoring The Elephant in My Room”

These stories have the creative vibes of classics that will be enjoyed in homes and classrooms for generations. Moreover, the educational, entertainment, cultural, emotional, and spiritual values of the Mark-Alan 100-WORD children’s rhyming book series confirms that Word Up! is a win for children, a win for families, a win for education, a win for society, and a loss for the American prison industry.

Grab your copy of Word Up! by Mark-Alan at a major retailer or find it at your favorite bookstore!

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