October 29, 2021

What a wonderful accomplishment for Jeanie Smallwood on the publication and release of her new book, Little Pig’s Big Shot!

Little Pig’s Big Shot is the biblical story of David a Goliath adapted into the three little pigs. While everyone knows about the big bad wolf that blew the houses down, not everyone is well versed in Bible stories. Little Pig took the wolf out with just a sling and a stone because his faith was in God alone and knew God would use him, in spite of his size. Just as God made David courageous, strong and wise, he’ll do the same for you, no matter your size. Read the Bible, it will give you wisdom within. God will fight your battles for you and you’ll win.

Jeanie Smallwood loves to write children’s stories about the friendship, love, and kindness of God. With colorful illustrations and heartfelt characters, Jeanie aims to inspire readers to be confident, brave, loving, kind, and to know how special they are.

Jeanie lives in Ohio with her husband. She treasures time with her family, prayer, worship, sharing the word of God, and enjoys writing Christian poetry.

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