Moving Trees and Little Thieves: A Boy Detective Story, Now Available Worldwide

September 11, 2019

Moving Trees and Little Thieves: A Boy Detective Story by Oswald St. Benedict is now available in print and digital editions from retailers worldwide.

Find it from major retailers here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Oswald is five years old. He travels all over the world, finding new adventures and new mysteries to solve in each country he visits. This time he is in India, investigating the theft of priceless treasures from the royal palace.

Early readers will be introduced to mischevious monkeys and tricky bad guys in this fun detective story!

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Author Spotlight – H. L. Ott

September 3, 2019

Read about author H. L. Ott and find out the inspiration behind the story of Sneezy the Squirrel!

What inspired you to write Sneezy the Squirrel?

When I was eight years old, I discovered my purpose in life.  I was asked by my teacher to write a poem, something that had meaning to me, then share it with the class.  The poem was short, called “Pencils”. Odd, but it had a lot of meaning for me.

When I was four, I was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.  It left me legally blind in both eyes, and it is not correctable by glasses or surgery.  Due to my low vision, I had to use pens and several vision devices.  Children at a young age don’t understand this, and I had few friends.  I used this poem to help the children in my class understand why I couldn’t use pencils.  To my amazement, it worked! They understood me better than ever before, and I was hooked on writing from then on.

As I grew older, I used poetry to express both good times and bad.  The good times included classes I loved and my family pet Lilly, a beagle mix.  The bad times were when students picked on me due to my vision, once I was old enough to understand what they were doing, as well as deaths in the family like grandparents.

When Sneezy the Squirrel is released, the first thing you may notice is that the print will be larger.  This was my choice.  As a younger child it was hard to find books that I didn’t need a magnifier for.  Now that I am writing my own, especially when it comes to children’s books, the print size will be automatically larger.  This is because I believe every child should be able to read and learn from the same book.  I also believe that a child’s parents shouldn’t have to pay more for a book their child can see.

What do you want children to take away from Sneezy the Squirrel?

I want children who do not have disabilities to understand that everyone has something that makes them different.  Sneezy got his name because of his allergies, something anyone can have, just like a disability.  We are all different, so instead of making fun of one another, we should help and love one another.  That is the beautiful thing about life. We may not all have limitations, but we are still unique, and because of this we can learn from everyone we meet.

How did you come up with the idea of Sneezy the Squirrel?

On a lighter note, I came up with Sneezy the Squirrel in a very funny way.  I just had allergy testing done at the age of 21.  I was allergic to grass, ragweed, dust, cats, dogs, and eight different kinds of trees.  The worst part after finding out all of this was being on a college campus that had basically everything on that list!

One day when walking to class, a day or two after my allergy test, a little squirrel ran onto the path and looked at me.  I said “hello” to him as I often did, but he didn’t scurry away. He just looked at me!  He was adorable, but I had to get to class, so I told him “goodbye” and went to class.  During a review session, I put my confirmed allergy to a squirrel perspective, naturally, and wrote the idea for Sneezy the Squirrel in the back of my notebook. When I got home, the whole book took about 45 minutes to write with coffee in hand!

Why did you choose Columbus Publishing Lab for your project?

I held onto the rough draft of Sneezy the Squirrel for three years as I completed my two associate degrees and then turned them into two bachelor’s degrees.  Near the time I completed school, I started to investigate publishing options.  Since writing Sneezy the Squirrel, I had written eighteen manuscripts as a series for adults.  I also had several ideas typed out in folders just waiting for me to have time to work on them.

I had made a deal with my father that I would complete college before pursuing publication, and just as I was nearing that goal, an author named Peg Hanna brought her book to the nursing home where I frequently volunteered.  I asked her who she published with and after meeting Emily Hitchcock, the choice was obvious.  I also chose Columbus Publishing Lab for security, knowing I wouldn’t have to be anxious about someone stealing my work.  For every potential publisher, there seemed to be five others that I researched who didn’t seem legit.  In addition, most of them wanted too much money, another reason I couldn’t believe them, or their intentions.

What have you enjoyed most about publishing Sneezy the Squirrel?

What I have enjoyed most about publishing Sneezy the Squirrel is finally seeing the characters come to life. My illustrator Ryan is doing a great job, and it’s amazing how he has brought a character I created to an image I and others can see! This also leads into my advice to those trying to publish their first book. Do your research! Be sure that who you are going to trust with your work, is worthy of that trust. Further, if you can find someone like Columbus Publishing Lab, who lets you keep your rights to the book you created, it will really reduce the stress of the process!  Lastly, enjoy the process. It goes so fast!

What is your next step?

The next step in my process is to get Sneezy the Squirrel out there so people with and without children with special needs knows it is available.  What I earn from this book will go towards my next, and the next, and the next!  I want to be an author; it is the first love and only constant I have ever wanted in life.  My favorite part is when I start a new story, or I expand on a series with another book; it is so exciting!  I don’t know where I am going, but I trust my imagination will lead me in the right direction.  It has yet to let me down, and I can’t wait for my readers to rise and fall, laugh and cry, along with every new adventure I take them on, at any age.  I personally thank you for reading about me, and I hope you are as excited as I am to read about Sneezy and all my other characters to come.

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A Circus Comes to Doxieville, Now Available Worldwide

August 23, 2019

A Circus Comes to Doxieville by Darrin Todd Martin is now available in print and digital editions from retailers worldwide.

Find it from major retailers here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Meet Moose, the biggest dog in the world. Moose lives in a traveling circus. One day he tells his closest friend, a cat named Big Yellow Face, he is tired of moving from town to town. Moose wants a house that is a real home.  

Deuce and Diesel meet Moose at the circus and take him home to try and fit him into their small world.  

Miss Dixie explains to Moose that it’s not a house that makes a home. What truly makes a home is being with the ones who care about you, your family, and the memories you make with them.

Moose comes to realize that he’s had a home all along with his friends in the circus who care about him.  

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Cover Reveal – A Circus Comes to Doxieville by Darrin Todd Martin

August 12, 2019

The residents of Doxieville are off on another adventure, and this time, the circus is coming to town!

Deuce and Diesel of Welcome to Doxieville are back with the rest of the pack, and they are ready to have fun and make new friends all while learning about family and what it means to belong. 

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Publishing Announcements — Fairies Love Oreos!

May 30, 2019

Congratulations to Vicki Roach on the publication of her first children’s book, Fairies Love Oreos! 

This magical book tells the story of a real-life experience through a beautiful fairy tale. Every page is vividly illustrated with a meaningful message that young children can easily absorb. Fairies Love Oreos! teaches children about God’s pure love, the importance of helping others, and a lesson about forgiveness.

Children will find an engaging display of story and artwork that will spark the fantastic in their imaginations.

Look for Fairies Love Oreos! from these retailers, or ask for it from your favorite bookshop!

Cover Reveal for Fairies Love Oreos! by Vicki Roach

May 9, 2019

Fairies Love Oreos! tells the story of a real-life experience through a beautiful fairy tale from retailers worldwide on May 30, 2019.

Within these pages, you will learn

God’s pure love, the importance of helping others, and lessons like forgiveness. Angels are all around us, even when we least expect to encounter them!

This book is absolutely beautifully written and illustrated! A wonderful story based on real-life events.

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Bode Gets a Job — Now Available Worldwide!

April 23, 2019

Bode Gets a Job by Dr. Bobby Moore is now available as an e-book, paperback, and hardback. This is the second title in the Bode series, and it has all the magic and charm of Dr. Bobby’s first book, The Book of Bode. Get ready to fall in love with this hardworking companion all over again!

Find Dr. Bobby’s first book, The Book of Bode, on Amazon here. 

The Book of Bode was so well received that Dr. Bobby returned to us to publish the second book in the Bode series.  We are sure this one will bring just as many smiles while teaching children how much our furry companions enrich our lives.

Bode is the luckiest dog in the world.

He tries out many different jobs, including work as a rescue dog, a show dog, a guide dog, and more! Bode is brave, athletic and smart. Follow Bode’s adventures and see all of his jobs in this fun, colorful book written to get children excited about reading, and of course, dogs.

“Terrific toddler book or first reader. Perfectly describes my favorite dog breed – The Vizsla. A percentage of the sales of this book go to The Multiple Myeloma Foundation. A worthy cause.”

Amazon reviewer

Look for Bode Gets a Job from these retailers, or ask for it at your favorite bookshop!

Publishing Announcements — Ned the Nuclear Submarine

December 18, 2018

Author Demetri Capetanopoulos author of The Design and Construction of the Nautilus has turned his precise imagination to the children’s story Ned the Nuclear SubmarineNed the Nuclear Submarine is a story about overcoming fears, both real and imagined, to enable discovery and growth. Seldom featured in a children’s book, the fascinating world of a submarine is introduced in a way that is both realistic and yet accessible, drawing upon Demetri’s personal experiences as a U.S. Navy Submarine Officer. Journey with Ned on an epic voyage around the world that unfurls in rhyme, with true-to-life images and events taken from history.

“I love the lesson of overcoming fear, and the transformation from timid to confident. This is a book you will want to read with your little one, and a book your little one will want you to read to them over and over!” — Amazon reviewer

With clever illustrations that will keep your child engaged, this intelligently crafted story will spark your child’s imagination.

Find Ned the Nuclear Submarine at these retailers or ask for the book at your favorite bookstore.

Publishing Announcements — The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay

December 4, 2018

The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay by Tommy Piolata introduces children to five unique frogs on a journey to find a better home for their community.  To succeed, these frogs will have to be witty and brave, teaching children along the way the value of courage and perseverance.

The pages are adorned with beautifully illustrated pages by illustrator David Cuccia.  The illustrations bring these imaginative characters to life.  Follow these audacious frogs on their journey to a better future.

“This book is one that your children or grandchildren will cherish for years. The author has a unique way of making you feel like you know each frog and their special gifts. Full of adventure with positive outcomes. You will love it.” — Amazon reviewer

You can find The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay at these retailers or ask for it from your local bookstore.

Who Says I Can’t Be President? by Minyon Patton-Baez

November 16, 2018

Who Says I Can't Be President Cover ImageWho Says I Can’t Be President?, an inspiring children’s book by Minyon Patton-Baez, is now available in print and digital editions from fine book retailers from around the world!

Kailey is a shy, quiet 3rd grader who is always daydreaming. During class her teacher asks the students,

“What would you like to be when you grow up?”

Most of the kids yell out their parents’ careers: nurse, fireman, doctor. Kailey, however, who rarely talks much, raises her hand and shares what she would like to be when she grows up.

As Kailey speaks, she reminds children everywhere:


Look for it from these retailers, or ask/search for it from your favorite bookshop!

This delightful book will be a welcome addition to your young reader’s library.

We had a wonderful time working with Minyon to produce this amazing book!

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