Publishing Announcements — Acclimating to Africa

May 30, 2019

Congratulations to Sharon Bell on the release of her second title, Acclimating to Africa! Sharon continues the adventures of Grace, Peter, and Nathaniel as they learn about the value and strength of family no matter what the setting.

You first met Grace, Peter, and Nathaniel in ADVENTURES IN AFRICA. They are a little ‘”older and wiser” now, having each had a birthday and a few months of African life tucked under their belts. In ACCLIMATING TO AFRICA (MAKING KENYA HOME), they would like to share some valuable lessons they have learned. Like home is where you make it and happiness is a choice. Different is not always the other guy and enough is far less than you might think. And of course, family is FOREVER. You’ll find plenty of whimsy, too, in tales about doting grandparents, Carl the Chameleon, and our long-necked friends, George and Mable Giraffe.

This story will keep your child engaged with fascinating pictures, exotic experiences, and relatable lessons.

Look for Acclimating to Africa from these retailers, or ask for it from your favorite bookshop!

Cover Reveal for Fairies Love Oreos! by Vicki Roach

May 9, 2019

Fairies Love Oreos! tells the story of a real-life experience through a beautiful fairy tale from retailers worldwide on May 30, 2019.

Within these pages, you will learn

God’s pure love, the importance of helping others, and lessons like forgiveness. Angels are all around us, even when we least expect to encounter them!

This book is absolutely beautifully written and illustrated! A wonderful story based on real-life events.

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Publishing Announcements — The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay

December 4, 2018

The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay by Tommy Piolata introduces children to five unique frogs on a journey to find a better home for their community.  To succeed, these frogs will have to be witty and brave, teaching children along the way the value of courage and perseverance.

The pages are adorned with beautifully illustrated pages by illustrator David Cuccia.  The illustrations bring these imaginative characters to life.  Follow these audacious frogs on their journey to a better future.

“This book is one that your children or grandchildren will cherish for years. The author has a unique way of making you feel like you know each frog and their special gifts. Full of adventure with positive outcomes. You will love it.” — Amazon reviewer

You can find The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay at these retailers or ask for it from your local bookstore.