The Curious Case of the Mummy’s Mommy – Worldwide Release

December 9, 2019
We’re happy to announce the second installation of Oswald St. Benedict’s A Boy Detective Story series, The Curious Case of the Mummy’s Mommy,  is now available at retailers worldwide. Grab a copy at a major retailer or ask for it at your favorite bookstore! Oswald’s story continues in The Curious Case of the Mummy’s Mommy as he travels around the globe with his father and solves mysteries alongside his younger sister, LilyBaby. This time, their adventures take them to Egypt where there’s rumored to be a living mummy. Join Oswald and LilyBaby as they solve a four-thousand-year-old mystery. Grab your copy of the book today, and don’t forget to support independent literature by leaving a review on Goodreads and your favorite retailer.
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